MJM Architects

We understand technology supports project development and improves project efficiency. This is why we created our own collaboration applications docNET and Sepia. We also developed specialized software to help manage complicated tasks to meet project deadlines and have a full time IT director to developing new software tools for MJM and our clients.
docNET > Document Management Software

Custom built to run seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook, docNET is the core application of MJM’s daily project management.

Sepia > File Distribution System

Sepia is a proprietary file sharing application conceived as a solution to provide our clients access to the most current project information.

MJM’s valuable file sharing application – secure, customizable and scalable.

MJM Tools > Project Management Applications

MJM Tools is actually a suite of applications designed to help manage complex data and tasks.

MJM Tools is a suite of apps that enables historical information to be leveraged for project managers.